Dr Bronwyn Eager

FOUNDER @ Academic writing retreats /

During my PhD Candidature I fell in love with writing retreats. I took myself and my laptop to France, Japan, and visited towns in Australia. But one thing was always missing: community.

I discovered my love of group writing when my PhD friends and I devoted ourselves to weekly, full-day 'Shut Up and Write' sessions. We created communal spaces for individual writing, and the results were impressive: we all passed our PhDs and published along the way! Best of all, we became friends.

I've found that communal writing is the fastest and most enjoyable way to turn my anxieties about writing (despite loving it) into publishable prose. There's just something about sitting in a room full of motivated academics and achieving goals together. 

After struggling to find communal academic writing retreats in Australia (and neighbouring countries), I launched 'Academic Writing Retreats' - not such an original name, but a whole lot of fun!

Look forward to meeting you at a retreat soon,



Twitter: @bronwyn_eager